All fees and charges are included in your Destination New You Bariatric surgical quote and are paid at the time of booking. The administration fee covers the international co-ordination and facilitating all of their services, including international payment fees. We do this to streamline and take all the stress out of the process, limiting the amount of cash you need to take with you overseas.


Depending on the country your surgery will take place, your patient support care package charge will vary. If you’re choosing Bali, and are in one of the surgery support circles, your cost of $500 is payable on booking your Bariatric surgery. If you’re a regular traveller to Bali and have chosen not to be involved with the surgery support circle, this charge will not apply.

If you are having bariatric surgery in Kuala Lumpur, your patient support care package fee will be $600AUD, paid to your support carer in Kuala Lumpur who will meet you at the airport. This cost includes the airport, hotel, hospital and supermarket transfers, as well as assistance in checking in and out, 24-hour phone availability and shopping/destination travel.

The patient support care package is compulsory, as it ensures your weight loss vacation to be stress free, successful, and most importantly a complication-free recovery.


At Destination New You, we will continue to support you for the 12 months following your surgery. We’ll guide you through the healing process, with regular emails, food ideas and answering any questions you may have. Every step of the way, we’re here to guide you.

The post care package fee is paid on surgery booking and included in your quote.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost – Australia & New Zealand APPROX $9,900 – $12,000

Your bariatric surgical fees will vary depending on your procedure, as well as the destination you have chosen to visit for surgery. You will receive your surgical cost once your assessment form has been completed and you have been deemed as eligible. 50% of your surgical costs are required on booking and the remaining balance is to be paid within 8 weeks before you leave for your destination.

You may incur extra costs post discharge if you require extra nights in hospital or additional medications that must be paid on discharge.




As costing in your accommodation will vary, Destination New You will help you with the accommodation that suits you and your budget. The accommodation chosen will also depend on which destination you’ve chosen for your Bariatric surgery, and whether you are in one of the Bali surgery support circles.


Destination New You does not book your flights, but we will be there to assist you with your options. The costs will be dependent on your chosen airline, destination and dates of travel.


Any surgical procedure carries risks and complications, so at Destination New you, we like our patients and their families to have peace of mind. We have partnered with Global Protective Solutions, and all patients will be required to obtain Medical Complications Cover. Although the risks of Bariatric Surgery are very low, we recommend that the cover be arranged as soon as your surgery booking is confirmed. If any complications were to occur, you will be fully covered not only in your destination country, but 6 months after your arrival home.