The Process


Step 1:

Make the decision today to start living the life you deserve by completing the assessment form. The personal information you provide will be used by the surgeon to recommend the surgical procedure best suited for you.

Step 2:

You will receive a Surgeons Assessment and Recommendation within 48-72 hours of completing the assessment form. This assessment will have the surgeons recommended procedure and fees. You will receive an invoice including surgery costs and facilitation fees.

Step 3:

Confirm your booking by making payment as your surgery is not confirmed until payment is made. Once payment is made and received, you will be emailed your itinerary.

Step 4:

You’re in country Support Carer will contact you within two weeks of your departure to introduce themselves so you can be acquainted before you arrive at your destination.

Step 5:

Arrival at your destination to begin your journey to the NEW YOU. You will be met by your in-country Support Carer and driven to your accommodation. You’re in-country support carer will assist you with check in and answer any queries you may have. They will also advise the day and time of your pre-op appointment (Usually 1-2 days before surgery) and will also provide your surgery time. You’re in country support carer will inform you of all appointments and times and what time they will collect you from your accommodation to escort you to these appointments.

Step 6

The first day of the NEW YOU has arrived. Your Support Carer will collect you from your accommodation and help you check out. They will take you to the hospital and assist you with your admission paperwork. If you have a family member or friend with you they can stay with you until you leave for theatre. Your support carer will also be with you until you are taken to theatre, at no stage will you feel alone.

Step 7

Congratulations your Journey to the NEW YOU, it just got real and you are now on the ward and in your own private room recovering from your surgery. Your Support Carer will have contacted your family member of choice (if not with you) to let them know that your surgery was success and how you are feeling. For the next two to three days you will remain in hospital and your surgeon will visit you and advise you on how the surgery went, and what you can expect. I would recommend that you take a book or some magazines to read whilst you are in hospital as even though you will have a TV, you may not find anything enjoyable to watch.

Step 8

Discharge day has arrived and usually you are ready to get out of hospital by day 2 or 3. Your surgeon will have a consultation with you before you are discharged and will provide yourself and your Support Carer with the details of your post op appointment. On discharge, you will receive the required medications you need and your support carer will then take you shopping to get the food you require for the next couple of days as per you’re eating guide provided by your dietician or surgeon. Your support carer will then assist you to check into your accommodation and make sure you are comfortable. For the next two days you may feel tired and not want to do much so take this time to relax at your hotel and give your body a rest.

Step 9

Every body heals differently and some patients have already been out and about shopping and sightseeing on day 3 or 4 after surgery. Day 5 you should feel that your energy levels have lifted and any gas pain you may have had has gone. Make the most of your weight loss vacation and start the NEW YOU off by exploring the cultures of another country. Your support carer will be able to assist you with a tour or if you are in the Surgery Support Circle attend a daily activity that is planned.

Step 10

1 to 2 days before your departure you will have a consultation with your surgeon. Your surgeon will check your incisions and weight and address any concerns you may have. The surgeon may provide you a script to be filled before you depart and your Support Carer will take you to a pharmacist to have this filled.


Its home time and you’re departing your weight loss vacation 5-10KG’s lighter.

Your support Carer will arrive at your accommodation at the agreed time to take you to the airport 3 hours before your flight departure time.  Have a safe flight home and A DNY consultant will be in contact with you within the week of your arrival home to check in with your progress.